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About McAllister Consruction

McAllister Construction

McAllister Construction is organized, experienced, knowledgeable and able to complete large and complex projects on time and within budget. McAllister Construction has a level of service that is second to none and the work performed by our in-house craftsmen is state of the art. We have over 25 years of construction experience and a proven track record of meeting schedules and costs. We give detailed cost estimates and have an extensive reference list of satisfied clients. McAllister construction specializes in:

  • building custom homes
  • commercial buildings
  • remodels
  • repairing structural damage caused by natural disasters
Quality Service & Professionalism

McAllister Construction prides itself on its honesty, service and professionalism. It is an area that makes us stand out from competition. We offer a variety of services that enable us to deliver the quality, completed product the customer deserves at a great price.

Bonding & Insurance

McAllister Construction Company is licensed and insured. The company carries active workman’s compensation and liability insurance policies that exceed most competitors.

Contractor Matthew mcAllister
  • Undergraduate Education; Bachelor of Science in Geology
  • Project Geologist for British Petroleum as a project geologist and administrator
  • Expert in soil analysis and slope movement
  • Expertise includes engineering, blueprints, architectural design, and preparation of project estimates and budgets.
  • Skilled in qualifying loan clients and working with lenders, realtors, title-companies, insurance and governmental agencies.
  • Proficient in building codes and permits, federal, state, city and county requirements and procedures and bonding requirements.
Created in 1993

Matthew McAllister's technical abilities are a great asset in a contractor and were well used to rebuild the San Fernando Valley in the aftermath of the 1994 Northridge earthquake. There he served as a supervisor for the restoration of a large number of earthquake-damaged homes. His excellent communication skills proved quite valuable acting as a liaison between homeowner, contractors and homeowner association boards members.

Matthew McAllister specializes in building custom homes in Southern California. He has recently completed various custom home projects in a variety of architectural styles and has an extensive reference list of satisfied clients.